Bill Cosby is looking forward to a verdict in a civil case of sexual abuse

Jurors ruled in favor of Judy Huth in her case of sexual abuse against Bill Cosby, The Guardian reports. According to Vulturethe now 64-year-old accused Cosby of sexually assaulting her in 1975 when she was 16 years old.

Huth received $ 500,000 in damages because a jury of eight women and four men found Cosby “intentionally caused harmful sexual contact” with the 64-year-old when she was a teenager. The Guardian reports. They found that the former esteemed comedian reasonably believed she was a minor, and that his behavior was inspired by “an unnatural or abnormal sexual interest in a minor.”

After learning of the verdict, Andrew Wyatt, a spokesman for the 84-year-old, said TMZ that Cosby replied “What? That’s all? “And” Booyah. “

Cosby also spoke to two jurors who sided with him, thanking them.

Huth first filed a lawsuit against Cosby in 2014. She said she met Cosby while filming Let’s do it again at a park in San Marino, California. She said he invited her and a friend to a tennis club and then to a private house. They played games there before going to the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles where she said she was sexually abused.

The 64-year-old said Cosby told her and her friend to say they are 19 if asked at the Mansion.

Huth was emotional during her testimony, telling the jury that she once admired Cosby, as well as her father, who listened to his comic albums.

“I felt cheated, cheated,” Huth said. “I failed. I was hurt. “

Cosby denied the allegations. He was not present in court, and after seeing a video of the testimony he said he did not remember Huth.

The jury’s decision comes nearly a year after the former entertainer was released from prison in Pennsylvania after his conviction for drugging and sexually abusing another woman was overturned for legal technical reasons.

Cosby’s lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, described the case as an “ambush trial”, noting that Huth, when seeking legal action, said the incident happened in 1974, not 1975. Wyatt said the former actor’s team plans to appeal. on the decision of the jury. He also described the outcome of the trial as a victory for the actor because the amount awarded to Huth was less than the $ 8,000,000 requested by her lawyer Gloria Allred.

Allred thanked the jury for their time and judgment, and praised Huth for her “courage and many sacrifices to get justice in this case.”

“We are honored to present her,” Allred said of Huth. “I want to thank all the women who have spoken for years and refused to remain silent in the face of what they believed to be injustice and sexual abuse by powerful men.… We are proud of Mrs. Hutt and our victory against Bill Cosby.”

RAINN, an organization to combat sexual violence, also praised the jury for ruling in Huth’s favor. Erinn Robinson spoke on behalf of the nonprofit.

“Once again, the jury found that Bill Cosby committed a sexual assault,” Robinson said. “Ms. Huth’s courageous testimony helped the jury make this decision and we praise her for her courage. Today’s verdict shows the survivors that the perpetrators, even the powerful, can be held accountable. “

Cosby will not face jail for this verdict.

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