Big Brother 2022: Tully’s rage over a ‘complete lie’ on the night of the eviction

Tully didn’t hold back Monday night Big Brother The ejection ceremony, calling out Taras’s attempt to push her out of the game.

After Taras refused to agree to his tactical move, Tully accused him of talking about a “horse rag ****”.

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Despite Taras assuring Tully that he would not vote for her, he nominated her alongside two very popular players, Drew and Johnson.

According to Johnson, this was a “squeeze vote”, leaving residents with no choice but to vote for Tully.

“I wasn’t shocked,” Tully told host Sonia Kruger during the eviction ceremony.

Tully talks to Taras at the eviction ceremony. credit: Seven

“I had a feeling this morning that I would get up tonight, and then when Taras won, I insidiously doubted that he would return to what we talked about.

“It’s just interesting whose word is actually their word, and whose word is a load of horses ***.”

Continuing, Tully said, “I thought I knew Taras, I thought I could trust him, but now I have no idea.

“But it is quite obvious that a squeeze vote is taking place tonight.

“And I guess I’m the one squeezing.”

Taras disagrees with one of Tuli’s observations. credit: Seven

Sonia turned to Taras to ask her if this theory of “squeezing the vote” was correct.

“I said I don’t want Drew to go, Johnson knows where he is, can I ‘not comment’ again?” said Taras.

Sonia seemed confused by Taras’s comment, which led Tuli to add: “He doesn’t care who goes as long as it’s Drew or me, I think that’s his plan.”

Taras disagreed: “Wait what? No, I’d rather Drew not go. “

Host Sonia Kruger talks to the family. credit: Seven

‘Show me respect’

“So why don’t you just say that?” Tully asked.

“Just be honest. Find your spine and find your bitches and be honest. ”

“All right, yes, Tully. “If she could leave, it would be great,” said Taras Sonji.

He added that he thinks that there is a “little mystery” in not explicitly saying when he wants to evict.

“There’s no mystery, however, when you say you don’t want him to leave, you don’t want him to leave, there’s no mystery,” Tully argues, referring to Johnson and Drew.

“Show me respect for being honest.”

“Yeah, I mean, I feel like I’m being honest,” Taras said.

Tully says ‘Come get him’ Gabbie in the middle of the eviction. credit: Seven

“It’s like, read between the lines, Tully.

“But if you want to know then, yes, it’s you, Tully.

“I absolutely told Tully I wasn’t coming for her today, and that was a complete lie.”

After this tense exchange, the householders voted.

Taras ’plan succeeded – as Tully left Big Brother’s house, only failing to be among the top 10.

Since her eviction, Tully has commented on Taras’s behavior in the eviction room, suggesting he is “still trying to be a nice guy”.

“He just made a move, it was very clear what he wanted to do, and yet he tried to turn it off and say he loved everything,” Tully said. 7Fun.

“You’ve taken a big step in that – don’t hide behind it.

“Don’t try to get out of it.

‘Say’ Yes, I’m coming for Tully. She was my goal and I hope she will leave tonight. “

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