Big Brother 2022: Reggie’s embarrassing ugliness towards intruder Jules as he makes big moves

One of the favorites Big Brother the player, Reggie, has managed to stay out of the line of fire so far – making moves behind her ‘OG’ alliance.

However, all that changed in the episode on Wednesday night when a mother of two actively led a campaign to evict one of the two intruders, Jules.

LOOK IN THE VIDEO ABOVE: Reggie scolded intruder Jules

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In a conversation with other ‘OG’ housemates, Reggie argued that the intruder should not stay with the original housemate, and that she simply did not trust Jules.

“Why would an intruder come in here and pick us up,” she told fellow ‘OG’ Drew, who shares her ‘traditional’ thinking that ‘OG’ should stay above the intruder.

Hearing a whisper that Reggie was coming for her, Jules – who was nominated for eviction – decided to talk one-on-one, hoping it would affect her voice.

Reggie talks to Big Brother. credit: Seven

“I know Reggie felt a little uneasy about me, I’m a little relaxed, I have to react quickly,” Jules told Big Brother before talking to Reggie.

Jules confronts Reggie

Sitting in the garden, Jules directly asked the 47-year-old who she would vote for from Estelle, Drew and herself.

Jules assumed that Reggie would save Estelle, and Reggie agreed – which wasn’t hard for the housemates as they shared the alliance.

“But if it’s between Drew and me?” Reggie asked.

Reggie, who was eating an apple with her legs resting on a chair, was silent, staring at the garden.

Reggie talks to Jules. credit: Seven

After a seemingly awkward silence, she completely changed the subject.

“I wonder if Tim and Brenton are coming back,” she said, referring to two housemates who are currently in a separate challenge.

Unimpressed by Reggie’s diversion, Jules got up and left the household outside.

In the confessional of the diary after this conversation, Jules said: “Reggie will not work with me, so I will win the second chance challenge, record my words.

“And if I come back, I’ll be a lovely Big Brother – we have to get Reggie out!”

Jules talks to Reggie. credit: Seven

‘She has to go’

Throughout the episode, Reggie said she didn’t want Jules to win the second chance challenge – which would save her from impending expulsion.

Speaking about why he doesn’t trust Jules, Reggie told Big Brother: “[Jules] i would love to put my head on that chopping block to get rid of me.

“It has to go … it’s like a time bomb ticking.”

Reggie later told Estelle – who is good friends with both Jules and Reggie – that “she won’t stay with her until the end”.

“I don’t trust her, I just don’t,” Reggie admitted.

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