Beccy Cole about Rebel Wilson and a gossip columnist who misunderstood

Beccy Cole, OAM is a gay woman – and proud to be called that in public – but that hasn’t always been the case.

Having been in the public eye since winning the Star Maker competition at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 1993, it was not until 1999 that she came to terms with her own sexuality.

“I didn’t know she was here to research about herself,” Cole said, when she realized she was gay while watching two women have fun in the TV series Playing the Field.

“It was the most beautiful kiss,” she said. “I’ll never forget it. I still dream of a kiss like that.”

Singer and songwriter and host of the Saturday Night Country show on ABC Radio did not appear in public until 2012.

Beccy Cole holds the guitar and looks away from the camera
Beccy Cole says the Sydney newspaper almost kicked her out.(Delivered by:

During that 13-year period, Cole sought out “enough people” within the country music industry, including media members.

“I never had a feeling people would talk about it before me,” Cole said.

“But it almost happened once, and it was a Sydney newspaper, and I said, ‘Can you please?’ and they are not.

“But it almost did.”

Cole was scared about it because it was before she was ready to speak publicly about her sexuality.

“People say, ‘Oh, you know, you don’t have to go out these days,'” Cole said.

“I think coming out will always be relevant.

I apologize on all sides, but what if she wasn’t ready?

She applauds actor Rebel Wilson for “gasping” The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age gossip columnist Andrew Hornery by revealing her relationship with LA designer Ramon Agrum on social media before publishing his story.


“I think well of her,” Cole said.

“She did great… if you can’t do it on your own terms, then I think it’s good for her because of that.

“I think the journalist is getting grumpy that they didn’t jump into someone’s private life, I think that’s ridiculous and wrong.

“But I think there’s some regret there.”

Hornery has since apologized for the tone of his article in Saturday’s newspaper, and the article has been removed from the website.

He also expressed regret over his actions on this issue.

“As a gay man, I am well aware of how deeply discrimination hurts,” Hornery wrote afterwards.

“The last thing I would ever want to do is inflict that pain on someone else.”

Its editor, Bevan Shields, backed the apology, writing that “including a two-day deadline was a mistake because it seemed to be an ultimatum or an attempt to pressure Wilson to announce himself or through the Herald.”

Cole said no one’s hand should ever be forced.

“But did she have that choice?” It doesn’t look like that.

“We’re not all ready to jump on the couch like Tom Cruise [did when announcing his then-new relationship with Katie Holmes]. “

You also date someone

Actress Magda Szubanski appeared on live television in 2012 at a time when same-sex marriage was being discussed in Australia.

She spoke with Patricia Carvelas at RN Breakfast this week.

“When you ‘kick someone out,’ you go out with their partner,” Szubanski said.

“So, there is a wider influence than the very idea that it is Rebel.


“The idea that you have that sense of right to anyone’s private life, whether it’s straight or gay, is one question.”

She said that while for some people it is safe to go out, for others it is not.

“I know, for me, when I came out, it was like, ‘OK, I’m a gay person in public now, it’s going to be a different experience for me to go to some countries, potentially.’

ABC turned to Hornery for comment, however, he declined. A comment was also requested from Wilson, but no response was received prior to publication.

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