Be sure to read: Fashion is focused on the metaverse, how to practice transparency in the beauty industry

An image promoting Metin's new avatar fashion store.

An image promoting Metin’s new avatar fashion store.

These are the stories that became headlines in the fashion media on Wednesday.

The New York Times explores fashion and the metaverse
Vanessa Friedman explores fashion and the metaverse for New York Times, unpacking Meta’s recent launch of a new avatar fashion store featuring Balenciaga, Thom Browne and Prada looks. Friedman, however, is not impressed: “While it is good that the world of technology, which has been running away from fashion since the attempt to turn wearables into chic, has pretty much fallen on its face, he realizes that if he wants to play in the world of clothing, It is best to invite experts, it seems that these special offers are based on the lowest common expectations of ourselves in the virtual world, “the writer notes. or who we want to be, at some point in a way we are not. even understand until we see it. ” {New York Times}

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