Amber Heard gets a multimillion-dollar deal in revenge for Johnny Depp?

By Vic Medina
| 9 seconds ago

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Lock your bedroom door! Amber Heard is back and will not allow a slander defeat by former Johnny Depp to be the last word in her career. According to a report from OK! MagazineThe 36-year-old actress has just signed a major contract for the book, which could not only help repair her tarnished public image, but also bring in millions of much-needed revenue. Despite earning $ 2 million for the upcoming Aquaman 2, Herd’s lawyer told Savannah Guthrie of The Today Show that the Austin-born Texas man could not afford to pay the verdict against her. That amount could be around 8.3 million dollars, after the 2 million dollars she won in the lawsuit against Depp’s lawyer. Heard will reportedly appeal the decision as well, said Elaine Charlson Bredehoft interview earlier this month.

Over the weekend, TMZ posted a video in which Heard and her sister Whitney Henriquez buy clothes at the TJ Maxx discount chain in Bridgehampton, New York, seemingly indicating that her current financial situation has humiliated her hitherto extravagant lifestyle. New York Post reports that the average house in Bridgehampton costs about $ 3.8 million, so she’s not losing that particular apartment right now. Despite this, TMZ video commentators do not accept it. Many have argued that this is just another PR move by Amber Heard, a staged photo-op to gain sympathy.

Not all bad news for Amber Heard. According to a report from Inside The MagicHeard will actually get extra time in front of the screen in the coming period Aquaman continued, titled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. This is in contrast to recent reports and rumors that she was completely excluded from the film. During the trial, Amber herself claimed that her role in the film was significantly reduced due to the trial, but she has been energetic in the past week. rejected claims it would not appear at all.

A book deal could mean millions for Heard, who “considers her career in Hollywood over,” says a close insider who spoke to OK! Magazine. Although no details of the book contract are known, including who could publish it, the insider claims that Amber Heard is already in talks and excited about it. At this moment, she has nothing to lose and wants to say everything. ” Of course, writing a book – which would probably repeat many of the accusations she was sued for – could sue her again. However, she receivables her notes from her therapy sessions during her stay with Johnny Depp – which were not allowed to be admitted into evidence – supported her allegations and would have resulted in a different verdict if the jury had read them.

She also has to contend with a severe negative public response. According to an anonymous juror in Depp’s defamation lawsuit against Heard, who reportedly discussed the case with ABC News, the jury simply did not accept any of Heard’s claims. The juror said that he and other members of the jury did not believe that she was honest on the bench, even when she cried. The jurors even used the term “crocodile tears” to describe Amber Herd, saying they noticed that she would have changed her emotions quickly, had she cried one moment but was serious the next.

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