Aditya Roy Kapur says he ‘gave up life’ to get in shape for Rashtra Kavach Om, reveals his strict diet

Ever since the release of the trailer for the film Rashtra Kavach Om, starring Aditya Roy Kapur and Sanjana Sanghi, fans have fainted because of Aditya’s abs and sculpted build. Although we have seen several celebrities transform for a particular role, that level of rigorous training and strict dieting is not easy. Addressing exclusively for, Aditya revealed that he had to give up his ‘life’ to look like a role in Om. And he also gave us a peek into his careful diet. Read more:


Aditya Roy Kapur has an enviable build in Rashtra Kavach Om. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. ” “It took a long time to build that physique,” ​​Aditya began. He further explained that his exercise routine included weightlifting and action training. To get bigger you have to lift weights and eat. For this movie I also had to do action training for four months. And when you play action, you lose muscle. It was like, in the morning, I did two hours of action training and muscle loss, and trying to regain muscle in the evening. It was like the antithesis. That’s why it was much harder for me to put mass together with training, “he said.

This is the first time Aditya has made an unlimited action film and admits it was a lot of fun for him. “This is the first time I’ve done a full-length action film. Malang had little action, but this required a whole other level of dedication. But it was fun to work with. It was fun to train day in and day out, and I had to to learn a new skill, ”he said.

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In addition to rigorous training, Aditya had to adhere to a strict diet. Sharing his diet with us while he was preparing for Om, Aditya said, “I had to give up all the good things in life. So, yes, I was on a strict diet and I couldn’t cheat. I had to eat a lot of food, but a lot of boring foods like protein, brown rice and sweet potatoes, no oil, stuff like that.Diet Coke was the only sweet thing I would eat.It was a lifesaver for me because at least there was some target, something sweet It’s pretty boring, but obviously, you’re working on a goal, so you focus on those few months and I like it. “

In Rashtra Kavach Om, Aditya will be seen in the action hero’s avatar. Asked if he feels objective when people focus more on his build and good looks than on his acting, he said: “I don’t think so. Especially in the case of Om. Physicality is something that takes center stage. Action is new to me. So, I guess for people, that’s what’s new, where I’m trying to do this new genre, and when they watch a movie, obviously, then they’re going to start talking about different things, but I guess if someone had to react based on the trailer , I talked about looks. So I don’t get discouraged as long as they say good things about me. If they said ‘kya gandha lag raha hain Adi’, then I would be discouraged. “

In addition to Om, Aditya will also be seen in the official remake of Thadama alongside Mrunal Thakur and Vedik Pinto.

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