Adam Woodyatt quit alcohol to help the liver and is now sober

Adam Woodyatt attends the 2017 British Soap Awards

Adam Woodyatt gave up alcohol and spilled three stones. (Getty Images)

EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt found that he had given up drinking for health reasons – and she has been sober for more than a year now.

The 53-year-old actor and I’m a celebrity … Get me out of here!best known for his role as Albert Square chip shop owner Ian Beale – he said he initially gave up alcohol six weeks on the advice of a doctor and finished lost three stones.

Woodyatt said The Sun newspaper: “I went to the hospital with a stomach problem and they told me that my liver was probably a little damaged. They said: ‘Look, rest your liver for six weeks, we’ll do some tests.’

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“Then COVID it happened and six weeks became 12 weeks.

Adam Woodyatt on screen as Ian Beale 2021 (BBC)

Adam Woodyatt on screen as Ian Beale in early 2020 (BBC)

“And I thought, ‘You know what – I broke this, I don’t miss it, I’m better off without it.'”

A soap star has been added Mirror: “With giving up alcohol, the weight decreases and because the weight has fallen, it is easier to ride a bike. That made it easier to stay in shape.

“For me, giving up alcohol was the right thing to do. I will not turn around and say that it is forever, that I will never drink again. But at this point in my life, yes, I am quite happy not to drink. And the result is that I lost about three stones in weight. “

Woodyatt is a passionate cyclist and has discovered that losing weight has allowed him to rediscover his hobby.

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He said: “I used to love cycling, but I stopped for a while because it obviously wasn’t that easy when you carry that extra weight. I just got back into it now because it fits into my life right now.”

Actor – who starred in a BBC soap opera EastEnders from October 1984 to November 2020 – spent the last year lives in a motorcycle house and a tour of the countryside of Great Britain.

It has been said Cambridge Independent: “It was only while I was on tour [in stage adaptation of Peter James hit crime novel Looking Good Dead]but my daughter, who lived with me, moved to America.

“So I didn’t need a place for me and her. It was good, good, I’m just going to keep living in a motorbike house. I don’t need that property anymore.”

Ian Beale was last seen in Albert Square in January 2021 when his then-wife Sharon tried to poison him because she discovered he was responsible for her son Dennis Rickman drowning in a shipwreck a year earlier.

While Phil Mitchell also threatened to kill him, Ian fled Walford, throwing away his cell phone and later sending Sharon to annul the marriage.

There were reports that Woodyatt was negotiating to return to the soap.

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But he he insisted in June 2022 to Question time for white wine There were currently no plans to return Ian Beale to Albert Square, saying, “They didn’t ask, I didn’t ask.”

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