Actress Maryam Fakhr El-Din..she saw her husband cheating on her in bed with her lover..she asked him not to stop and continue until the end, and after he finished the party she did what drove him crazy! !!

In previous statements, Maryam Fakhr El-Din said in a previous interview with artist Safa Abu Al-Saud, in her program Safa Safa, which she presented on ART TV for years,

He cannot respond to injustice with injustice or abuse by abuse, because that is not in his nature.
Tawil, her second husband and the father of her son Muhammad.

Mariam Fakhr El-Din explained that she was going through a period of depression because she had hardly worked during this period of her marriage to Al-Taweel, so he asked her to go and spend a short vacation in Alexandria.

Maryam Fakhr El-Din agreed to go to Alexandria, and her husband surprised her by staying in a luxury hotel instead of her apartment in Alexandria, and he actually reserved two rooms, one for them and one for the nanny and their young son, Muhammad.

Emergency for Maryam Fakhreddine
Not a night had passed since Maryam Fakhr El-Din and her husband the doctor went to Alexandria, until he told her that he had forgotten the operation he had to perform on the patient and that he should return to Cairo immediately.

The husband returned to Cairo, and Maryam Fakhreddine was left alone with her two sons in Alexandria. Mahmoud Zulfiqar sent her daughter Iman.

In addition, she was pregnant again in the meantime, and after a while she returned her daughter to her father, and on her return she fell to the ground and broke her leg.

Maryam called her husband, a doctor, to help her, saying, “I slandered him. I told him to kill him. My leg broke, you’re not a doctor.” He plastered it for me. ” He coldly asked her to go to the hospital to have her foot implanted, noting that she was upset by his dry manner.

Maryam Fakhr El-Din’s strange reaction to her husband’s betrayal
Maryam Fakhr El-Din added that after inhaling her leg she thought she would suddenly return to Cairo to surprise her husband, so she actually returned, and a neighbor helped her deliver her to the apartment.

As a doctor and her husband, a gynecologist, she told her that she would call him to come and check on the fetus, and what if he died of an abortion.

Maryam Fakhr El-Din entered her bedroom and found her husband sleeping in the arms of another woman, but she was strangely benevolent as she found her naked and told herself she was ill and he was a doctor and examined her.

Then she thought again and said to herself again, why is the woman naked, examined by a doctor for ear, nose and throat, and why is he also without clothes? Then she was ashamed to raise her voice, so she said “Good evening”, but no one answered.

Then Maryam Fakhr El-Din asked her to get dressed and leave because she was tired and she wanted to sleep and rest because her leg was broken.

Maryam Fakhr El-Din explained that she had a nervous breakdown soon after and cried for about six months, and that she aborted the fetus naturally, noting that she remained unable to speak for a whole month.

Mariam Fakhr al-Din said one of Ahmed al-Taweel’s brother’s wives came to her after inquiring about her husband, whom she thought they were. Mariam told her they were in Tanta, and her cousin denied it.

The two women went to look for their husbands in one of the shops on Haram Street, but could not find them, so they went out to drink mango juice at Maryam Fakhreddine’s favorite juice shop to find him in the car with another woman.

Fakhr El-Din explained that this time she decided to hit him with her shoes, but she was surprised by the numerous fans who stopped and greeted her.

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