A wonderful moment Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte comfort Mia Tyndall during the Platinum Choice

The sweet moment between Kate Middleton and Mie Tindall (8) went viral after Royal fans spotted the interaction between the couple during Sunday’s jubilee show Royal Pageant.

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Queen’s Jubilee: Prince Louis kisses his cousin Mia in the nose

Kate Middleton she must have had her hands full during Platinum Jubilee events with her youngest son Prince Louis.

He became a real internet sensation after his brazen antics caught the cameras to see the world – leaving people in the seams.

But Kate, 40, was not too busy to comfort another restless baby, as her natural maternal instincts worked when her eight-year-old daughter, Mother and Zara Tyndall, climbed into her seat seeking cuddling.

In a video shared by royal observers TwitterKate is seen gently stroking Mia’s arm and straightening her hair as the royal whispers something in her ear.

Mia was comforted by Kate

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Sunday’s election, which marked the finale of a four-day platinum jubilee celebration, was attended by many members of the royal family.

Also present were Zara Tindall (41) and her husband Mike (43), a former English rugby player, as well as their two oldest children, Mia and Lena, three.

The families, who were sitting next to each other, were seen chatting and having fun during the parade.

However, as the video shows, at one point Mia Tindall appeared upset, and crawled into Katie’s lap to seek a little attention, resting her head on her shoulder.

Princess Charlotte he also seems to follow in his mother’s caring footsteps, noticing that Mia is upset, and gently rubs her back to soothe her.

The sweet moment was not the only sympathetic interaction recorded between adults and children during the election.

Pictures from the event also show that Mike Tindall has a funny interaction with four-year-old Prince Louis, who at one point seemed understandably restless.

Mike Tindall with a cheeky warning for Prince Louis


Ian Vogler / Daily Mirror)

Louis, the youngest of the Cambridge children, became a great favorite among royal observers thanks to his hilarious antics during the Jubilee.

Footage from the weekend shows the young prince pulling out funny faces and breaking people on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in an attempt to get closer to his great-grandmother the Queen.

At some point during Sunday’s election, Louis was seen clenching his fists, sticking out his tongue, waving his arms in the air, putting his hands on his mother’s mouth and standing in his seat to get a better view of the spectacle.

Prince Louis must have stolen the show at the Platinum Jubilee

When the four-year-old seemed to get a little nervous, Mike Tindall was on hand to entertain him, with hilarious pictures showing the former English rugby player hanging out with the young man, showing his own eyes, in ‘I’m watching your gesture.

On the eve of the four-day ceremony, Mike revealed that, although he did not have an official role, he is looking forward to the events.

Speaking about her majesty on the show Good Morning Britain last month, the father of three said: “I think the queen is an amazing lady … I think people sometimes think she is invincible, but you have to remember that she is 96 years old. old at the end of the day.

“She’s amazing at what she’s done all her life and I can’t wait to celebrate.”

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