A new photo of Ariela and Biniam with fans spoils the story

A 90 Day Fiancé viewer posts a picture of Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre online, revealing a big clue about their relationship.

A Fiancé in 90 days fan recently photographed Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre, which leaves fans to draw their own conclusions about the couple. Two were first shown on Fiancé 90 days: Another way season 2, when Ariela was pregnant with Benjamin’s baby. During the introductory segment, the New Jersey-born revealed she was in Ethiopia when she met her boyfriend at a taxi stand in front of her hotel. Ariela started flirting with Benjamin, and soon the duo got in touch. After months of dating, they learned they were expecting their first child together. Ariela decided to return to Ethiopia to give birth to a baby and stay with Benjamin’s family for more than a year.


In the meantime, she also applied for a K-1 visa for Bini, so that he could eventually come to America. Although Ariela and Benjamin have a language barrier, issues of trust and cultural differences, are willing to work on their relationship. The couple has now moved to America and are looking forward to the wedding in 90 days. But they are not on the same page about many things. Ariela is under stress due to the new financial burden for her and is reconsidering her decision to marry Bini.

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A new photo of the couple suggests they continue to live together in the United States, despite marital problems. A Fiancé in 90 days Reddit viewer randomuser65803 recently met Ariel, Benjamin and “positive gangster“Janice at their sale in the backyard of Princeton, New Jersey. A fan posted pictures on Reddit and shared their experience of meeting the couple. According to fans, the Weinberg family was nice and chatty. Because Benjamin and Janice looked pretty friendly with each other in the picture, they still seem to share a great relationship. Since the couple was spotted together, it seems that they defied the prospects and got married by the end of the year Fiancé in 90 days season 9

Ariela Weinberg - Benjamin Shibre-America-spotted-90-day fiancé

A fan said, “I actually had a good time and got some sweet stuff. Everything had good prices. Wish them all the best!“Another fan answered,”I love Janice and Benjamin’s relationship.“Someone else wrote it,”It was a pretty normal boring backyard sale with normal backyard sales prices. I was too shy to ask for a picture or anything, but everyone was kind and I got a couple of things.“The cult couple Ariela and Biniyam they don’t post any shared pictures on social media, but their latest encounter with fans suggests they are still happy together.

A few months ago, photos of the couple’s wedding leaked on social media, suggesting they got married in 90 days spent in America. The latest photo of Ariela and Biniyama spoils their story a bit. Still, it would be interesting to see how they managed to resolve their trust and financial problems in the coming episodes Fiancé in 90 days season 9 and finally dedicate yourself to each other.

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Source: randomuser65803/ Reddit

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