A new documentary, SLAY, reveals the exploitation of animals in the fashion industry

The new documentary ‘SLAY’ will expose animal cruelty in the leather, fur and wool industry along with green industry tactics.

The fashion industry kills at least 2.5 billion animals each year, prompting creators to release this documentary to finally expose the industry’s cruel practices.

For the past three years, research director Rebecca Cappelli and her team have researched and filmed inside fur and wool farms, tanners and leather processors in Australia, Brazil, China, France, India, Italy and the United States.

In a teaser on crowdfunding, Cappelli, the film’s director and producer, tells people that the issues being talked about around the fashion industry are usually workers ’rights and environmental impact. However, animals are too often left out of this discussion.

“One of my main inspirations for making this film is animals, which are completely left out of this conversation,” Cappelli says in the video.

SLAY features terrifying research footage taken by Cappelli and her team along with numerous interviews with sustainable fashion experts. The film focuses on animals used for industry and how fashion brands use green washing tactics. It also highlights the labor rights and environmental issues that are present.

“If someone had told me half of what I discovered while making this film, I wouldn’t have believed it,” she said. “The fashion industry has kept animals away from people for too long. Together we can change that. ”

“Movie Fashion Brands Don’t Want You to See” is also in co-production with Keegan Kuhn, best known for the revolutionary documentaries Cowspiracy and What the Health.

SLAY runs a crowdfunding campaign Indiegogo with a $ 60,000 goal to fund production, film promotion, multilingual subtitles and more. They have already reached almost 140 percent of their goal and are one step closer to removing the film from the field and into the mainstream media! To donate to the film, check out their crowdfunding campaign here.

Like our food, many find it easy to forget where their clothes come from. Animals are too often exploited and abused in the fashion industry. When fashion is literally killing, it’s time to start educating ourselves and the public about how animals are exploited in the fashion industry and what we can do to change the horrifying reality.

There are so many great alternatives to all these materials that no one has to lose a life. Look at apple skin, pineapple skin, mushroom skin, fur alternatives and lab-grown skin.

Many companies have either stopped selling or committed to phasing out the use of animal skins and furs in their products. The Kering group has started investing in laboratory-grown cowhide, Moda Operandi has banned fur and exotic skins thanks to the PETA letter, and Armani has announced that it will ban angora wool. Take a look at these 10 brands that launched fur, wool and exotic leather last year.

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