7 actors who decided to leave Bollywood glamor behind and move on with their lives

Bollywood and its dazzling, glamorous industry is tempting. After all, it gives you everything: fame, money, power, luxury. Once you break through the fortress, it is unlikely that anyone would want to come out. However, this is not the case with all actors.

Here’s why 7 of these actors made the controversial decision to leave B-City:

1. Imran Khan

Khan joined the industry at the age of five and was an instant success after performing a hit Bollywood project Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na 2008. But after his last film, Katti Batti In 2015, he disappeared from the public eye and stopped acting. In 2014, he held an AMA session on Reddit where he answered various questions about nepotism, Bollywood parties and why he was thinking about leaving. According to a Hindustan Times report, a Reddit user asked him how he felt when he occasionally saw himself on TV or on the Internet, and Imran replied: “I don’t watch TV … I worked hard to avoid living in ‘Bollywood Bubble.’ films about eating, breathing and life. It can get very stuffy. ” Imran’s friend Akshay Oberoi has confirmed that the actor has said goodbye to the world of acting forever. He further added that Imran might prefer to direct films.

2. Amrita Rao

Amrita Rao soon became a famous name after her role Marriage. As her career was at the peak of all time, she fell in love and soon married her now husband RJ Anmola. However, the audience was surprised because Rao disappeared from the film industry soon after. Asked if RJ Anmol had persuaded her to leave the film industry, Amrita said in an interview with the Times of India: “That’s true. Anmol could say I was rejecting big movie roles because I wasn’t comfortable doing scenes of kissing and making love in front of the camera. As a result, he decided that now was the time to focus on developing a wonderful private life and getting married. He asked me to quit my job and I was completely devastated. However, after a few days, he informed me that, in retrospect, his request was ridiculous and that he was sorry. ”

3. Sana Khan

In October 2020, actress Sana Khan announced that she was leaving the world of show business to serve humanity and follow the orders of her creator.

4. Zaira Wasim

Zaira Vasim, a girl from Kashmir who became successful overnight after her debut dangal, she decided to say goodbye to her film career in 2019 because “my connection to my religion (was) threatened.” In a long post on her Facebook, the 18-year-old cited religious reasons behind her decision to leave her promising career. Her last venture on the big screen was last year with Shonali Bose The sky is pink.

5. Tanushree Dutta

Dutta was a pioneer of the #metoo movement in the Indian film industry, calling out her co-actor Nanu Patekar, who harassed her on 2008 film sets. Horn Ok Pleassss. The injustice she faced in the industry led her to move to the US and take a break indefinitely from Bollywood.

6. Asin Thottumkal

Asin Thottumkal married Rahul Sharma in 2016, and then quickly stopped acting. The actor posted a statement on his Instagram page that read: “For all my media friends who have not yet received the message, I reiterate that I have stopped taking on any tasks and that I have done all my duties before the wedding. Ask people to stop to make assumptions about my tasks and work because I’m not doing it at this stage. I made this announcement before the wedding itself. “

7. Riya Sen

In several interviews, Sen admitted that she was sexualized in movies and music videos at the age of 16. The way she was portrayed made her uncomfortable and she decided to stop working in Hindi movies.

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