5 Ascot fashion trends that we have noticed that will take you to the wedding season

Natalie Salmon

Year after year, Royal Ascot delights its attendees with an amazing talent for horses, with over 300,000 ticket holders rushing through the gates to see the fine hives in action. Hello! Fashion offices, however, are just as focused on off-race fashion as we are on action in apartments.

This year’s Ascot presented a multitude of elegant ensembles, the first in three years without restrictions. The looks of Ascot fit in perfectly with the wedding, as the dress code – especially the one in the royal enclosure – is almost identical to the wedding attire. Here are our five favorite trends from Royal Ascot to see you through all the upcoming weddings you have on your calendar this year:

Hat with brim

This year the number one hat trend we spotted was wonderfully feminine and would give Parental trapMeredith Blake is running after her money. The style was ‘Turned rim’, like a hat with a plate, but with a coquettish bloom that protects the wearer’s face from onlookers. This once sleepy style, which is also reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s makes a big comeback as he was spotted this year on Lady Eliza Manners, Amy Jackson and Sabrina Percy, as well as on A-Lister stylist Georgia Medley.

This hat shape was a surprise trend

Polka Dots

The dots were a remarkable trend at this year’s Royal Ascot, and the Duchess of Cambridge wore a shiny mid-length dress by Alessandra Rich, which gave us Major Julia Roberts in Beautiful woman vibrations. Later in the week we saw dots on Princess Beatrice wearing Saloni. Miller Lisa Tan opted for a polkadot jumpsuit that brought the traditional print into the 21st century. Opt for bright dots on a darker shade a la Princess Beatrice if you are wearing it at a wedding, so as not to compete with the bride’s white dress.

The dots stand the test of time in Ascot and can be worn at weddings

Think Pink

Milliner Awon Golding has proven that the pink shade of 2022 is in her shiny pink dress with a neckline, of course paired with a hat of her own design. Other fans of the trend this year were Vogueis Susan Bender Whitfield and tastesDavina Motion (who also opted for the perimeter of the lowered edge by nailing two trends at once) seemed to have all gotten a ‘pink letter’. Ascot presenter Rosie Tapner affirmed the trend with her Lisa Redman dress.

Pink was one of the most popular shades this year

Oversized headbands

The new shape of the headband is clear the bigger the better, and Princess Beatrice leads the way in her floral straw headband by Juliette Millinery. Elsewhere we saw Stephanie Waxberg wearing a Renaissance gold headband by Jane Taylor, paired with a white Self Portrait dress, and Georgia Toffolo took the trend with her headband and veil from Edwina Ibbotson and paired it with a suit from The Deck. .

Large headbands are a fantastic alternative to a matron hat.

Fine Florals

Our own columnist Kelly Eastwood, as well as Hana Cross and editor Gilly Hopper (again wearing a hat with a fringed hem) devised micro floral prints, with a pilgrim-style hem. The look goes nicely with wedding hats as you can choose from dresses in a multitude of colors. The look is modest A small house on the prairie in a way – of course look for similar vibes towards brands like Vampire’s Wife or Alessandra Rich.

Ditzy florals were a remarkable trend in this year’s Royal enclosure.

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