400 TV Personnel Crybaby to Hollywood Studios About ‘Security’ in Professional-life States

The headline reads, “Extra Than 400 TV Showrunners Demand Netflix, Disney and Extra Supply Security Protocols in Anti-Abortion States,” however I feel everyone knows what it actually means….

Greater than 400 absolutely grown adults, who additionally occur to be rich, helpless, neurotic, and indignant crybabies, acquired collectively to demand the Hollywood studios make them really feel protected in anti-abortion states.


As a result of leftists are weak, spoiled, perpetual victims who at all times have tantrums like this each time issues don’t go their method.

Get a load of this…

The letter, obtained by Selection, is signed by A-list expertise akin to Shonda Rhimes, Issa Rae, Amy Sherman-Palladino, Natasha Lyonne, Ava DuVernay and lots of extra. It places the U.S.’s largest content material creators on discover that the businesses want to stipulate particular protections for these working in states which have outlawed abortion within the wake of the Supreme Court docket’s Dobbs choice, which overturned Roe v. Wade.

“It’s unacceptable to ask any particular person to decide on between their human rights and their employment,” the letter reads partially.

The letter escalates the vexed problem of what firms akin to Netflix and Disney ought to do with productions in states with anti-abortion legal guidelines that had been triggered by Dobbs, akin to Georgia, Louisiana and Texas. The writers are demanding printed insurance policies for a way the businesses will subsidize staff’ journey to acquire abortions, in addition to how worker privateness shall be protected. They need protocols for medical take care of “ectopic pregnancies and different being pregnant issues that require medical remedy.” They’re demanding felony and civil indemnification for anybody serving to an worker get hold of an abortion.

The emphasis is mine…

Are you able to consider this?

What are these individuals—animals who can’t management themselves?

You recognize, not getting pregnant is lots simpler than getting pregnant.

The letter can be a lie that claims “ectopic pregnancies” are outlawed in sure states when they aren’t.

My favourite, although, is requesting the studios assure “felony and civil indemnification for anybody serving to an worker get hold of an abortion.” Yeah, I do know these billion-dollar multinational companies take pleasure in all types of energy, however at the least for now, they don’t have the facility to supply protections from felony and civil legal guidelines. Fortuitously, we haven’t but reached the inevitable Robocop stage of our society.

How about somewhat self-control?

How about somewhat contraception if you happen to can’t management your self?

How about driving a few hundred miles in your time without work to a state that can mean you can butcher your harmless baby?

You would additionally fly to a different state. It’s not such as you don’t have the cash.

You see, however these infants see none of that is an choice as a result of massive, spoiled, helpless, vindictive infants akin to these are at all times decided to make their issues your issues.

Their infantile must lash out at an unfair world means they must crash via your window and complicate your life somewhat than simply take care of issues on their very own—which is what regular, mature, sturdy adults do.

General, although, that is blackmail, a option to bully the studios into blacklisting states which have had the gall to not permit these monsters to butcher their harmless youngsters. The purpose right here is to make life so tough that the studios select different states to work in.

This may nearly actually succeed.

The excellent news is that we’ve got another instance of simply how weak and pathetic left-wing girls are.

Oh, yeah, you’ve come a good distance, child.

P.S. These states need to save your baby. You need to kill it. So whose “security” is in precise jeopardy right here?


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