17 Y2K fashion accessories that will keep you in retrospective fashion this summer

Like it or hate it, Y2K fashion is here to stay and kill. This nostalgic trend has hit celebrities hard, and it reaches us ordinary people as well. Will he soon notice me in a micro-mini skirt paired with butterfly-shaped sequins? No, they don’t fit into my personal aesthetics. But the spirit of reviving Y2K fashion is definitely something I can stay behind, especially with all the cute Y2K accessories coming back into the mainstream.

Early August was all about bright colors, happiness that was literally expressed through smiling faces and flowers from cartoons, and reckless excitement. Vibra was young, fun and imperfect, which is ideal when mixing and matching trends with a limited budget. You don’t have to be dressed in velor from head to toe to revive Y2K. Reaching this trend is as easy as putting on a few cute pearl necklaces and putting on a few pastel hair clips.

Since the vibration is so immediately recognizable, you only need one or two pieces to add a layer of 2000s fashion to your wardrobe. Y2K-style jewelry and hair accessories are the fastest ways to bring a great dose of 2000 to any look, but you can also test the waters with a pair of platform slides – hello, Regina George – or a see-through neon mini bag.

In front you will find 17 retro, Y2K accessories that will keep you entertained as if it were 2000 all summer. Shop, scroll, and if you need information on how to wear these basic things inspired by early aughts, check out Elite Daily’s I am going home Shooting the cover of the issue featuring Ms. Marvel herself, Iman Vellani, adorned with Y2K accessories, including one of the fun and affordable items below.

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Vintage reworked butterfly buttons

There may not be an add-on that screams Y2K as loud as a handful of butterflies. This set of 10 from Urban Outfitters has been renewed, so no new plastic has been created to revive these trendy, retro little clips.

While this backpack from Forever 21 certainly can’t accommodate more than half a dozen tamagotchi, it definitely has enough space for your wallet, keys, cell phone and a few other basic things for a “night out with the team”.


’00s Throwback abdominal chain

Remember the body chains? Yes. I also agree with Remi Bader about this. TikTok fashion icon recently told Elite Daily: “I feel it would add so much to the outfit. Super cute. ” This ASOS belly chain features a series of tiny rainbow pendants that reflect the popular beads of Y2K fashion patterns all over the place. This chain gives playfulness in the 2000s with the advantage of nightlife. Priced at $ 10, why not take advantage of it?


Nostalgic berets with a smile

Smiling faces, predecessors of emojis back in the days of AOL Instant Messenger (if you don’t know, don’t ask anyone, you’re guaranteed to make your seniors feel, well, dudes), were everywhere in the early days and came back with revenge, honey . These colorful hairpins come in a pack of six for less than $ 10, and while I can’t promise to smell like the fragrant erasers from years past, it’s definitely the atmosphere.


Retro shiny baguette bag

The bags used to be smaller, but they made up for it by being really, really great. This baguette bag from SHEIN perfectly illustrates the principle of the Y2K bag: high gloss, a bit impractical, but it does the job.


Y2K-inspired earring hoop

The chunky jelly-colored hoop may look like a strangely specific niche, but you’ll soon start seeing them everywhere. This pair, designed by 8 Other Reasons, has a two-tone ombre gradient and is made of resin so it won’t strain your lobes.


A nostalgic pearl necklace

Bright pastels were everywhere in the early years. We had bright pastel markers, stickers and of course bright necklaces, bracelets and even rings. This necklace made of real freshwater pearls from Rellery is a more muted look at the Y2K fashion trend. It is still a sign of those times, but with this more subtle necklace you can bring a playful atmosphere to the office as well as to brunch.


Early Aughts stretch ring set

In the past, cool kids only wore stretchy jewelry on our hands. This set of three stretchable rings by Francesca are premium Y2K and feature a range of beads made from freshwater pearls and glass in addition to polymer clay.


Y2K Mismatched pearl earrings

One of my favorite parts of Y2K fashion is the excess – everything is extra and nothing has to match – which is why these mismatched earrings are a perfect example of what is so fun and liberating in this particular trend. Asymmetrical beads decorated with pearls decorate one earring and one earring for a playful, sunny atmosphere.

You usually need triple cherries to win, but in this case, a couple is just fine. These shiny earrings with cherries from Ragstock are a call to the sweet sweetness of Y2K vibes when everything was with the scent of strawberry or cherry.


Throwback Chunky Sunglasses

One of the most famous styles of the past years, the large rectangular pair of sunglasses is 100% pure Y2K. This pair comes in three pastel shades with contrasting lenses for a summery, floral, but not too floral atmosphere.


Set of bracelets with charm Y2K

Why have one pearl bracelet when you can have six? This mixed series of bracelets from Wild Fable combines the best of Y2K jewelry details: you have daisies, colorful beads that evoke clay and glass, artificial pearls, pendants and mixed metals. Worn together, they are the endless stone gloves of the Y2K fashion, which cover the whole trend on one wrist.


Reversible pink platform sandals

Insert any teenage movie from the early 2000s and you’ll see the most popular girl in any high school storming the hallways in a pair of platform sandals. I was more of a skater at the time, but I am i use y2K revival to get myself a couple of summer platforms like these soft slides from Lulu’s. They are also favorite customers. One reviewer shared, “So comfortable I wore them while walking around NYC.” Another wrote: “These shoes fit great and are so comfortable! I have them in black and pink. ”

Daisies, a recognizable floral motif of early augta, collide with another trend from the same era, oversized belts, in this handmade hair accessory from Chelsea King. Made from certified organic cotton and natural rubber, this shrink serves just as much Y2K cold when worn on the wrist as it does when holding a tall pony or a pair of space buns.


Vintage inspired mini crochet bag

The mini bag is already perfect for this comeback trend, but insert a crocheted exterior and you’ll get a retro win that you can wear all summer long.


Y2K necklace with pearl charm

The name of this necklace says it all. Well, the technical name of this necklace says “like yes”, but considering that it was the shout of all the most handsome kids that day, this is one piece of jewelry that automatically received the Y2K approval stamp.

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