15 reasons why boys are just as much fun to dress as girls

As we have all seen countless times, the department for girls in most retailers is three times larger than the department for boys. But when I’m on a mission to shop in the boys’ section, I happily head back (where it’s inevitably less crowded) and yes, I can walk past beautiful clothes for girls without drooling.

I recently bought an Eton suit at a nearby store and accidentally mentioned to an elegant woman at the checkout that I love buying clothes for little boys. “Really? I can’t remember the last time I heard that, “she said.” But I actually feel the same way. I am a grandmother of six children and I enjoy dressing my boys as well as my girls. I wish more people felt that way! Oh, well, they just miss it! “We shared a cheerful look, as if we were members of a great club. That’s what inspired me to write this article. You are cordially invited to that club.

Here are 15 reasons why boys can dress up as much fun as girls:

1. Seersucker suits: Striped like blue and white candies.

Delicious in all striped combinations. Comfortable and lightweight, too!

2. Butterfly bows: In all the shades and patterns you can imagine (tons of space for

creative expression!) Have you noticed that the butterfly bow becomes big

a return to men’s fashion? It is also in men’s fashion. Butterfly Butterfly adds

an instant attraction for an outfit combination, whether worn with khaki, seersucker pants

or jeans.

3. Suspenders: Too cute!

4. Small dark blue and white saddle shoes: And for that matter, saddlers of all colors and textures!

5. Baby shoes: So sweet it hurts. Your little one will be the captain of every ship in these.

6. Smocked pants: This is a classic look from the past that your modern charming prince can carry!

7. Overalls: Put a striped shirt underneath for a classic look.

8. Navy suits: The details on these timeless clothing combinations are embellished

the charm of a storybook. You can also separate parts of the suit: a pair of a

A navy hat the size of a pint with a simple striped T-shirt and grab your beach

bag and camera!

9. Eton suit: In clothes like this, your son is channeling English royal families. (Beautiful with cotton, seersucker or khaki.)

10. Fedora: Suddenly, your little boy is channeling Frank Sinatra!

11. An animal-themed cover: From baby to toddler; animal faces on their feet, hats and boats – there is nothing sweeter!

12. Relaxed T-shirt with a silk or painted tie: Make your little boy look as cute as he is comfortable with.

13. Romper: This is especially appealing in navy blue and white or black and white plaid cotton. (Pair with the saddles.)

14. Fleece pajamas with faces on their feet: So cute, in the colder months, you’ll want to wear them all day.

15. Mini dad: The most rounded men in the world look amazing

clothes and know how to dress (or at least are open to some great ones

suggestions of their other halves !. So why not run our guys

with that basis? Boys and adolescents look fantastic

children’s versions of their fathers’ most striking clothes. Say it

“Opportunity to take photos!”

I have yet to see a little prince in any of the above accessories who didn’t look too cute.

So, yes, a mother can enjoy buying clothes for her son, and in different ways, just as much as she enjoys dressing her daughter. A friend recently told me, “I’m always sentimental when I dress my daughter like I imagine tying a belt on her wedding dress one day.” Do you think magical sentimentality doesn’t exist in boys? Think again!

Mom would agree: One day you will see a boy you raised as an adult, wearing a suit with a tie and a matching pocket. Your eyes will be rounded as he adjusts the cufflinks, and he may even ask for your help in buttoning. As you accidentally prick your finger with a flat needle, you will tell him how very handsome he is. You’ll secretly see a boy who used to wear miniature suspenders over a T-shirt with a smiling frog and sneakers that sparkled as he walked.

A beautiful child is a beautiful child. Period. So let’s not overlook the potential of our boys ’fun wardrobe. And when is the time for your little boy to put on his new hoodies? You’ll get a few wide smiles and nods from others who share the secret that boys can be great to dress up, and shouts of surprise from those who never realized how much one little boy’s clothes can be worth paying attention to.

It is true that clothes are a small but necessary detail of life. The essence of a child’s character is much more important than the material of a child’s jacket. We want to warm them up. We want to get rid of them. But let’s try to enjoy the process of equipping these boys and girls to break into the world, equally adorned with our pride and enthusiasm. And besides, it’s fun!

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