13 best garments in Pokemon legends Arceus

When going through the harsh landscapes of Hisui, it is important to train the role, stylizing the clothing combination that suits you best as a coach. Clothing in Pokemon Legends Arceus will not give you any increase in statistics nor will it protect you from dangerous weather conditions like in Breath of the Wild, but it will give you the customization of the character needed to immerse yourself in the world of Pokemon.

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Clothing Legends Arceus, Anthe, can sell you many different clothing items to wear as you progress through your journey, allowing you to keep up to date with the latest Hisui fashion styles. Don’t forget to always check out her store, located in Jubilife Village, to see what new items she has in stock.

Updated June 19, 2022 by Casey Foot: It’s always important to keep up with the latest Pokemon fashion trends, so we’ve updated this list with a few more Pokemon Legends Arceus clothing options. Try this while revisiting the Pokemon universe before the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


13 Festival Ready: Festival Top

Festival tops come in a range of colors and are available when you reach the 3rd Survey Corps rank. These simple but classic clothes will help you fit in perfectly with the inhabitants of the village of Jubilife, while an angular design like a Pokemon ball adds a little more style to your everyday look.

The festival top would pair well with the everyday bottom, allowing you to color-match your clothes, ready for the Jubilife Village festival that takes place after you finish the game. This outfit is a great choice for you if you appreciate a traditional look.

12 Almost too many choices: patterned kimono

Another of the many Legend Arceus kimono options, the patterned kimono comes in a range of designs, including a star pattern selection and a green checkered kimono perfect for cosplay by Tanjiro Kamado of Demon Slayer.

Due to the large number of patterns available, there is a kimono style no matter how you feel when you dress your character. Choose a style called “Triangles II”, reminiscent of the repeating Triforce pattern, to show your love for the series The Legend of Zelda, or even choose from a variety of Karakus options, which are inspired by traditional Japanese textiles. There is also a matching bottom with a pattern if you want to complete the look.

11 Combat type clothing: Karate Gi

For all of you who are potential black belts, Karate Gi is the top choice of clothes to show your love for this martial art. You can opt for a traditional combination of white Gi and black belt to show off your expertise, or you can step aside and choose a Goku-image of Tangerine Gi or a striking Teal.

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If you want to cultivate a powerful Pokemon fighting team, then karate Gi clothes would be a suitable choice for you. Just remember to complete the side mission Colorful New Looks to unlock every Gi color in the clothing store.

10 The look of just being thrown out of bed: Casual T-shirt

Casual Tee is the clothing you wear as you fall into the land of Hisui, which was transferred there from the future by Arceus. The Tee itself is white and has stylized Poke Ball graphics on the front.

What makes this outfit so great is that its modern design differs from the outfit worn by the NPCs in Hisui, which is why you stand out as the main character. If you’re going to be a time traveler, it’s fun to dress up in that role, and these outfits are sure to turn heads as you explore Sinnoh’s distant past.

9 I have to collect them all: Pokemon kimono

By completing a variety of Pokemon-related side quests during the game, you can unlock kimonos designed for multiple Pokemon throughout the region. Kimonos come in a wide selection of designs and colors and are perfect for anyone who wants to present their favorite types.

One of the most interesting options for this outfit is the Spooky Kimono, which you unlock after completing a side mission – Meet the Ghosts. This stunning design has a repeating eye pattern, perfect for you if you want to form a Monotype Ghost team.

8 Timelessly elegant: Fancy kimono

Fancy kimonos are some of the most intricate clothing options in the game, perfectly depicting the beauty of the ancient Sinnoh and the Pokemon that inhabit it. This clothing set has a wide range of options – ranging from Hisuyan beginner designs to legendary Pokemon from the region.

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Kimonos also go well with Hisui’s many additions. For example, a Sneasler kimono would look great with a complementary Sneassel mask, allowing you to show your love for Hisuian variants. To unlock the various fantastic kimono designs in the game, you’ll need to dive into the Hisuyan landscape, capture specific Pokemon, increase your Pokemon exploration levels, and complete the events in the main story.

7 Grab your snow coat: snow jacket

When you are preparing to deal with the different environments of Hisui, you will want to look a part. A snow jacket is a must for you as you cross the snowy plains of Alabaster Island. Clothing will not provide you with additional protection from the cold climate, but it will help you immerse yourself in the Hisuian landscape.

The snow jacket also has the added bonus of making your character look extremely cute and comfortable. To look even more modern, pair these clothes with a warm hat, to ensure that your winter look is complete.

6 Who wore it best ?: A modern jacket

A modern jacket takes you back to the future because you are able to dress like Cyrus, the head of the Galactic team. Cyrus is a cult villain in the Pokemon series and his clothes are very memorable, letting people know exactly who you are looking for.

You get clothes from Anthe if you have a save file for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Pokemon Shining Pearl. So, if you want to be one of the bad guys for a change, why not wear these clothes and give the people from the Galaxy team an insight into their not-so-bright future?

5 Nunchucks on standby: Ninja Attire

Ninja Attire is one of the best outfits in the game, which allows you to dress like a Ninja while sneaking around Hisui. Paired with a Ninja mask, Ninja Attire allows you to seamlessly blend in with the Hisuian environment, sneaking around to catch unsuspecting Pokemon.

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At the end of the Legends of Arceus story, it is revealed that Benny is Kamado’s right hand man, as he changes into a ninja suit and challenges you into battle. Once you beat it, you’ll be able to buy similar clothes from Anthea outfits in a range of colors. If you are a fan of Benny, these clothes will allow you to imitate his fashion and may inspire you to continue with his fighting techniques.

4 Job interview at 9, catch a Pokemon at 10: Tailored suit

Perhaps an unusual choice of clothing for the game that includes running in the wild, catching and fighting Pokemon, a custom suit allows you to look professional while helping to unravel the mysteries of the region.

The custom suit also has an added doubling bonus like Riley’s costume, a Pokemon trainer from Sinnoh. By pairing an Indigo tailored suit with a hat with a brim of the same color, you will be able to repeat the style of this beloved character – just don’t forget to bring his signature Lucaria.

3 You’re in luck: Bandit Outfit

The Miss Fortune bandits are one of the most pleasing evil teams in the Pokemon series. Since you can dress up as a Rocket team member in Pokemon: Let’s Go, it’s fun to see that this concept has been brought back to Legends Arceus, allowing you to realize your fantasy of joining the Bandits by dressing in similar outfits.

Aside from the implications of the story, Bandit Outfit is one of the best themed clothing options in the game. It fits perfectly with the idea of ​​exploring the wilderness, allowing you to dress appropriately for everything that Hisui can throw at you.

2 An ancient question: diamond clan clothes or pearl clan clothes?

Despite the fact that you can never fully join the Diamond or Pearl clan, you become closer to the clan members during the game and you can choose Adaman or Irida to help you in the latter part of the story.

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After you finish the main story, you will be able to wear the clothes of the Diamond and Pearl Clan, respectively, which represents your favorite group and your commitment to the almighty Sinnoh. You don’t have to perform any special tasks to unlock these clothes – they will automatically appear in the clothing store after you finish the main story.

1 Become an Ancient Hero: Sinnoh Outfit

Sinnoh clothing is the most elusive clothing option in the game, which can only be obtained after completing the Deified Pokemon side mission. These clothes justify their big name, with a design inspired by Arceus, the mythical Pokemon, which takes you back to the ancient Sinnoh people.

It can only be unlocked in Legends Arceus after the game after you get all the Pokemon in Hisui and catch Arceus. These clothes represent your mastery of Pokemon and your completion of the game, making wearing a true indicator of your power as a member of the Survey Corps.

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